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Look! I am going to write a bunch of crap in this sidebar so you can see what it will look like when you write a bunch of crap in this sidebar!! Heading Woah! About Me I'm Luke. Ill Be Doing this later. Other Stuff I'm going to write about other stuff here. Or not. Maybe just some Lorem Ipsum. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.
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hello! [ » 7/22/06 - 10:36 pm ]
hey everyone!
well im back and ready to take off again
for the last i dont know ;; 5 months or so
ivebeen stdying myspace code and that is why i forgot how to make livejournal layouts :)
oops ;; so now i am studying them again and stuff

<3 luke
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PUBLIC [ » 2/8/06 - 5:57 pm ]
Hey, I need a one year paid account but cant pay for it, so if any one wants to pay for one for me (send me it as a gift) then ill be willing to make them a layout

[ » 2/4/06 - 2:57 pm ]


.comment to be added.

.tell me why you want to be added.

.be nice.

.dont ask me to make you a layout until i say you can.

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